2018 Policy & Data Science Internships

Aliya is interning at the McGill Observatory on Health and Social Services Reform with Dr. Amelie Quesnel-Vallee exploring data on Long Term Care policy options in Canada.


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Marine is interning at Laboratoire d'Innovation Urbaine de Montreal (previously named Smart City) and working with datasets related to the recent Open Data Policy.  

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Juliette is interning at Prospered Project, led by Arijit Nandi, at the Institute for Health and Social Policy, analyzing the coverage of India's Integrated Child Development Scheme. 

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Dexter is interning at the Institute for Research on Public Policy, working with data on cannabis black markets in Canada to inform new marijuana legalization policies. 

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Emma is interning at Nexalogy Environics, where she is working with data pulled from Twitter to inform policy surrounding white supremacy movements. 

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Olivier is interning at the Conference Board of Canada (Institut du Quebec) using data on Canadian patents as a proxy for analyzing innovation in the region. 

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Emily is interning at Data Sciences Inc., where she is working with Facebook marketing data. Her project focuses on automating the extraction of data and creating business logic to automate decision making for campaigns.

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Interested in hosting a PODS intern?
Email Nicholas King, PODS Director

What internship sites can expect:

  • Your organization can expect extremely high-quality, motivated students chosen through a rigorous selection process

  • These students are already paid by generous program stipends to work 30-40 hours per week throughout July and August

  • Students undergo intensive data analysis and policy training during the month of June learning the basics of data analysis, study design, and programming

  • We will be providing support through in-person and virtual office hours

Our expectations for internship sites:

  • Students will be given policy-oriented data analysis projects that build on and challenge their skill sets

  • They will provide dedicated mentor who will be available to supervise and assist with the project if necessary

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