Frequently Asked Questions

1. I'm in a Management/Music/Education/non-Arts program. Can I apply? 

Yes, you can apply as long as you are in a non-technical program. Students in the Faculty of Science can apply if they do not have extensive experience in data science or programming. 


2. I'm taking/I have taken POLI 311 and/or Honours Economics courses. Can I apply? 


3. What year of my studies do I have to be in? 

Students in all years of an undergraduate degree may apply to PODS. 

4. I am graduating in June 2019. Can I apply ? 


5. I'm in my Master's Degree. Can I apply? 

You may apply, but priority will be given to undergraduate students. 

6. I'm an international student. Can I apply? 


7. Who should my two references be?

Academic references are preferred, but relevant professional references are also acceptable. 

8. When will I hear back about my PODS application? 

Decisions will be finalized in early February.

9. I am interested in sponsoring PODS/hosting a PODS intern. Who should I talk to?

Amazing! Please email the director at nicholas.king [at] You can find more information on hosting PODS internships here. 


If your question is not answered after reading this page, please feel free to contact for further information. 

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