Frequently Asked Questions

1. I'm in a Management/Music/Education/non-Arts program. Can I apply? 

Yes, you can apply as long as you are in a non-technical program. Students in the Faculty of Science can apply if they do not have extensive experience in data science or programming. 


2. I'm taking/I have taken POLI 311 and/or Honours Economics courses. Can I apply? 


3. What year of my studies do I have to be in? 

Students in all years of an undergraduate degree may apply to PODS. 

4. I am graduating in June or February 2020. Can I apply? 


5. I'm in a post-graduate degree. Can I apply? 

You may apply, but priority will be given to undergraduate students. 

6. I'm an international student. Can I apply? 


7. Who should my two references be?

Academic references are preferred, but relevant professional references are also acceptable. 

8. Will my references be asked to provide letters of recommendation?

No, your references will be asked to answer 2-3 questions about you. 


9. When will I hear back about my PODS application? 

Decisions will be finalized in late February.


If your question is not answered after reading this page, please feel free to contact for further information. 

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