Frequently Asked Questions


& the Application

I’m not an Arts student, can I apply?

Yes, all students from a non-technical program may apply. Students in the Faculty of Science are able to apply if they do not have extensive experience in data science or programming. 


I've taken POLI 311 or am an Honours Economics student, can I apply?



I am graduating in December 2019 or June 2020, can I apply?


I applied last year, can I apply again?

Yes! Numerous fellows applied twice before being accepted. 


I am in a post-graduate program, can I apply?

You may apply, but please be advised priority will be given to undergraduate students. 

I am an international student, can I apply?


I do not attend McGill University, can I apply?

No, PODS is restricted to current McGill students, or those who graduated within the last school year. 


Who should my two references be? 

Academic references are preferred, but relevant professional references are also acceptable. 



Will my references be asked to provide letters of recommendation?

No, your references will be asked to answer two or three questions about you. There is no need for a formal recommendation letter though many submit one. 

I did not get a confirmation of my application being received. 

There is no confirmation process as we use a Google Form. As long as you received the confirmation message from the Google Form, your application went through. 

Is there an interview process?


How long will it take to hear back?

The decisions estimate will always be posted and updated on our Apply page. We ask that you do not email us about an estimate, but to check our website and social media channels.

I heard back from selection committee and was not accepted, can I get feedback on my application?

Due to the volume of applicants the selection committee is unable to provide individualized feedback. However, you are welcome to come to an information session in the fall and ask your questions in person. Whoever is running it may be able to help. 

The Program

What language does PODS teach?

PODS teaches R.

How many fellows will be selected?

As with many aspects of PODS, this varies year-to-year.

Who were your previous fellows? What did they do during the PODS program?

Check out our "about," "previous cohorts," and "updates" tab. 

If your question is not answered after reading this page, contact for further information.