2019 Policy & Data Science Internships

Tamara Jacod

Tamara is interning at CIUSSS (Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux de Centre-Sud-de-l'Ile-de-Montréal) analyzing the distribution inequalities of food programs in primary schools in the greater Montreal area. 

Garima Karia

Garima is interning with the strategy team at the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), where she is working with economic data about Canada’s tech sector in an effort to inform Canadian innovation policy.

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Martin Law

Martin is interning at the Applied Research Lab within Open North, where he is conducting analyses on open data quality in specific local contexts to provide metrics for measuring success of open smart cities.

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Beatrice Libchaber

Béatrice is interning at the McGill Observatory on Health and Social Services Reform with Dr. Amelie Quesnel-Vallée and Dr. Rachel McKay. Her project focuses on using public provincial data to analyze the relationships between specific policies and doctor involvement with the Quebec government health insurance board.  


Saeesh Mangwani

Saeesh is interning at Data Sciences Inc. His project focuses on developing an automated person-matching algorithm that accurately identifies matching and duplicate records between datasets, in order to improve the efficiency of telemarketing, outreach and other communication campaigns that rely on these data.

Kate Marr-Laing

Kate is interning at the Institute for Research on Public Policy, where she is working to make projections of the prevalence and incidence of dementia across Canada’s provinces and territories.


Sara Mohammadi

Sara interns with Ajah, where she works on a network analysis of donors and recipients of funds in the non-profit sector.

Madeleine Nicoloff

Madeleine is interning at the Conference Board of Canada (Institut du Quebec), working to map and visualize census data from the 1986 and 2016 censuses to inform Quebec’s public policy surrounding social and economic mobility


Camille Preel-Dumas

Camille is interning at Precision Analytics, where she is analyzing demographic data to help medical schools reach more underrepresented groups and increase diversity within health care education. 

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Koji Shiromoto

Koji is interning at Plotly, creating visualizations on a wide variety of datasets, for use in the documentation for its ggplotly package.


Tamara Yang

Tamara is interning at Prospered Project, a research group led by Professor Arijit Nandi at the Institute for Health and Social Policy, analyzing the Annual Indian Health Survey that ran nation-wide between 2010 and 2013.

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