Changing how data science is used in policymaking.

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Welcome to the Policy & Data Science Program.

Are you wrestling with big problems but don't know where to begin? For example, are you interested in combatting climate change? Or perhaps you want to influence how immigration is approached by governments. Are you concerned with the lack of data protection legislation, the impact of AI, or international trade practices? 


How do you want to change the world? We can help.


The Policy & Data Science (PODS) Program is designed to give motivated students from the humanities and social sciences the knowledge, skills, and critical abilities to change the future of policymaking. The first of its kind, PODS is training a new generation of data-literate, forward-thinking minds. 


Where We Stand 

PODS would like to express our solidarity with protestors fighting for the liberation of the oppressed, and against the racism, systemic discrimination, and police brutality that exist in Quebec, Canada, and across the world.

Full statement. | Resources on Data, Justice, & Police Brutality.

Explore Our Reading List

We understand that for many students not trained in computational analysis, concepts such as data science can be daunting. The PODS team has put together some resources in order to demystify fields such as AI, data justice, and statistics. Happy reading!

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Closing event 2019. 

The Max Bell School of Public Policy published a piece on the 2019 cohort wrap up. We're looking forward to the next one! 

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